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Why dengue virus also need proper attention

Mosquitos has killed more human then any other animal. This little insect is responsible for the spread of severe and fatal diseases in human population. Almost 4 to 5 billion people are living under the danger of malaria, yellow fever and dengue virus. All of these are caused by female mosquito of some specific species.

As WHO is putting a great effort against corona virus pandemic but sadly proper force to eliminate the dengue virus is not used by these highly powerful Medical Authorities. Yearly 100 million people faces severe health consequences because of dengue infection and in those 40000 people are losing life yearly.

Just to mention that dengue cases are reducing in developing countries but they are still on rise in developing and poor countries and this situation makes the dengue prevalance more dangerous as more then half human population belongs to developing and least developed countries and region.

Developing countries need to share knowledge and resources to shrink the dengue infection cases from the third world countries. By doing it not just developing countries will get the benefits but this little problem causing insect will lose its trouble causing capability.

  • Frank Rodriguez
  • Oct 20 2021
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