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Steps To Resolve Unapplied Cash Payment Income

Steps To Resolve QuickBooks Unapplied Cash Payment Income

Step 1: Run the Open Invoices report.

Check out the instructions for running the open invoices report below:

  • To begin, go to Reports, then to the Find report by name field, and then to Open Invoices.

  • You must now select the report period and then click Run report.

  • Later, go to the Transaction Type column and add a Payment transaction.

Proceed to step 2 if the payment transaction corresponds to an open invoice. Go straight to step 3 if you don't see an open invoice matching.

Step 2: Check to see if the Payment transaction corresponds to an open invoice.

If your payment is for an open invoice, follow these procedures.

  • To open, click on the Payment Date.

  • Go to the Outstanding Transactions section and look for the open invoice.

  • Close the window after clicking Save.

Step 3: If the Payment transaction does not correspond to an open invoice

If your payment does not match an open invoice, you must create the transaction. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the Add New button, then look for Customers and click on it. Finally, click on Invoice.

  • You must now complete the form using the same customer, amount, and date as the payment.

  • After that, click Save and Close.

  • Return to the Open Invoices report immediately.

  • Find the unapplied payment and then click on the date to access it.

  • Under Outstanding Transactions, look for the open invoice.

  • Save and close the window.

  • Check your Open Invoices report to see if there are any more Payment transactions. If there are more than one, repeat step 2 for each one.

  • Check your open invoice report for any other transactions that have been marked as payment. If there are any, repeat step 2 for each transaction.

You are now ready to depart, or you can review your Profit and Loss report. I hope you won't notice any more unapplied cash payment income.

  • Emery Milos
  • Dec 15 2021
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